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Friday, May 13, 2016

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Minimum wages in foodservice industry ; ★ how much should the minimum wage be? ★ how often should the minimum wage be charged? Wage system must be designed so as to attract and retain employees,motivate them to perform well and be simple to administer. Focuses on issue relating to payment are key issues in attracting and retaining employees. If talented employees are to be attracted to the organization,appropriate payment systems and levels of pay are important. More and more workers expect a reasonable balance between their personal cost living and work ♥♥♥

Saturday, October 19, 2013

menu is a list of dishes and beverages which has prices attaches. for customer : is an information sheet for customer. it tell him what an offer in the way food and beverages, at what prices in what portion. its also create as mood or ambiance and expectations in the mind of customer. for manager or service staff : a) the menu allows the manager to plan his/her whole business b) the menu tell manager what the business his/her run. type the menu : ala carte : menu items individually priced and cooked to order so that the customer can select the series particular dishes to compile their own menu dishes. normally should includes a full range of entrees, soup, main course,vegetables and desserts. ( from the menu) table d'hote : commonly known as the set menu or daily menu with a set priced. these menu implies limited number of choice offered an inclusive price. a set number of course usual includes "entrees, main course and dessert" for a fixed prices. usually there two or three different course type of this menu. ( table of host) cylce menu : a series of menu that are rotated to set dates or times. the menu vary daily to avoid repetition and to ensure the customers are receiving health balanced diet. these menus often used in large facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes,jails and students hostel. static or fix menu : same menu items is offered every day. it is the most common type of menu and usually laminated for simple cleaning and salvages or printed on a wall. most fast food restaurants and deli have static menu. single use menu : a menu specially planned and use only once. usually for holiday and catered event such as wedding, birthday party and others. Du Jour menu : menu of the day or special of the day.

Assembly Food Service System

ASSEMBLY FOOD SERVICE SYSTEM ** assembly serve system that is changing due to current operating environment. ** in today's environment labor is expensive and scarce. ** also there many choices food can be purchased that only required heating and serving. ** these service system food is purchased at the middle to complete end of food processing continuum. ** the purchased food is stored either frozen or chiller for later used. ** it is portioned, reheated and served to customers. advantages : lower labors cos and limited equipment needs. disadvantages : high food costs, menu variety may be limited, availability of menu items,perceived loss of quality. ** assembly like a kitchenless kitchen that are high costs, cause they need to prepared a lot of worker and the things are quit expensive too, other they also need high space example : IKEA , Fast Food Restaurant ( Mc Donald, KFC,Subway, Burger King ) franchise food (Ramly Burger)

Friday, October 18, 2013

artikel 153 dan peranan untuk generasi X

1) hak keistimewaan melayu dan bumiputera 2) Islam sebagai agama rasmi 3) bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa rasmi 4) hak dan peranan raja dan sultan Melayu peranannya untuk generasi baby boomer,Y,X ???? jom kita fikir-fikirkan,,,, jumpa lagi :D <3